Pinnacle Chocolate

Maple Milk Chocolate

Chocolate refining in the melangeur.

   Pinnacle Chocolate’s Maple Milk Chocolate is unique. It is the  only chocolate made using pure maple sugar. It is also one of the few chocolates made from bean to bar. Most chocolate “makers” buy chocolate in bulk and shape it into their creations. We make our product from scratch using only 4 ingredients total. Cacao beans, maple sugar, cocoa butter, and milk powder are refined together using stone rollers in a melangeur (pictured). We refine it for 36 hours (commercial chocolate makers only do 12 hours) to produce a chocolate that is as smooth as can be. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Made in Vermont

Where to find Pinnacle Chocolate:


Vermont=         Healthy Living, Burlington

                          UVM Growing Vermont Store, Burlington

                          Dick & Pams’ Market, East Berkshire

                          Boston Post Dairy, Enosburg Falls

                          The Flying Disc, Enosburg Falls

                          Sweet Clover Market, Essex

                          Steeple Market, Fairfax

                          Vermont Maple Outlet, Jeffersonville

                          Smugglers’ Notch Country Store, Jeffersonville

                          Butternut Mountain Farm, Johnson


                          Pinnacle Peddler, Richford

                          Maple City Candy, St. Albans

                          As the Crow Flies, St. Albans

                          Rail City Market, St. Albans

                          Edelweiss Mountain Deli, Stowe

                          Natural Provisions Market, Williston


Special Orders (weddings, etc.)= email us!

Tiffany and Ben on top of a Mayan pyramid in Mexico. The Mayans were the first to make chocolate the way we do.

   Ben and Tiffany started making chocolate in their Vermont kitchen back in 2006. After many experiments and lots of work, maple milk chocolate was born. Larger scale machinery was purchased in 2008 and Pinnacle Chocolate began making chocolate bars in Enosburg Falls, VT.

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